My Blessings

I am commanding My blessings upon you, says the Lord.  There is no sorrow attached to them. I will pour them out upon you freely and lavish them upon you.  You have toiled through the heat of the day and endured the long, fiery trials of affliction.  It has been a long and enduring season, and you have had your patience stretched continually.  But as you have kept the faith, you will also embrace the promises that I have give you.  None of this testing time that you have endured will be wasteful, for it has been a time of your personal growth.  As you have waited, you have increased in strength, not suffering a decrease. You have gained new ground in Me and have not given up territory to the enemy.  Yes, you have resisted His dark and depressing thoughts as you have fought to hold onto your faith and trust in Me, says the Lord.

I will reward your faith with My continual favor that rests upon you, says the Lord.  As you have not abandoned your pursuit of Me, I have reserved the best for you.  You will experience an increase in the deeper things of My Spirit.  As My knowledge fills the earth, you will KNOW my distinct voice and have clarity of vision in this season.  I will reveal My fullness to you, and the things that were obscure to you will become manifest.  I will release revelation knowledge, wisdom and understanding into you in this season as you press into My presence and seek My face.  Your revelation of Me will not only change your perspective, but I will cause you to be able to convey My wisdom and knowledge and understanding to others who will receive and listen to you.  As they receive you, they will receive Me.  As they listen to you, they will be hearing from Me.  As they come to you, they will receive what I have given unto you and your blessings will spill out on all who come, says the Lord.

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