Goodness and Mercy

My goodness and mercy will follow you ALL the days of your life, as you allow Me to Shepherd you, says the LORD. I will not quit on you. I will not extract My gifts from you. Goodness belongs to you. Mercy belongs to you. I paid for everything that I have freely given you by My finished work on the cross for you as you believe. I have qualified you and made you an entitled child by My shed blood for you because of your simple, dependent faith and trust in what I accomplished FOR you. I started a work in you and I will complete it. What is yours belongs to you now. I will take care of you all the day of your earthly sojourn as you entrust Me with your life.  Trust in Me at all times. Do not limit Me by your unbelief, says the LORD.

Fear is not an option for you, for I have given you My faith to use, says the Lord. I have extended peace to you like a river. I have given you power to overcome by My Spirit. I have fully equipped you to defeat the enemy every time. Pull down the strongholds of doubt and depression. Raise up My banner of light and life. Proclaim that you will not be defeated and will never quit. Do not cower or hide, for a valiant warrior does not back away from a fight. Be bold and strong and brave in ME, for the enemy is not greater than you. I Am with you and in you and My Spirit will flow out of you to defeat the enemy, release the captives that he has kept in bondage and to claim new territory for My kingdom and glory, says the LORD.

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