My Voice

My voice, My Word that is in your heart and mouth will become tangible and be manifest in your life and the lives of others, says the Lord. For if you will SAY IT, then I WILL DO IT.  It is not the Word that is in your heart, but the Word on your lips that will become active and world changing.  Change the environs of your own life by the release of MY voice that is on the inside of you. Do not wait for things to happen.  LISTEN AND OBEY MY VOICE.  Faith is not passive observation, but hearing is doing.  Releasing My voice is the doing of My Word and the waiting for Me to confirm it with the tangible realization of what I Am speaking.  For you cannot separate Me from My Word, and My Word and Work are the same, says the Lord.

I will to work, says the LORD.   I desire to speak. I want to be heard, says the LORD.    It is only as you SPEAK what I AM saying that the witness of Me will be experienced in your life and those you encounter.  Will you have an ear to hear what I AM saying, I ask?  Come silence your own voice and lose your own opinions and abandon the opinions and voices of others in order to hear Mine. I will not fail to speak and I will not fail to DO MY WILL AND WORD AND WORK.  Partner with ME!  Yoke up with Me!  My easy yoke and light burden is what I have for YOU continually. I will work MY work in your midst. Release it with your own mouth and let it permeate the environment around you.  Did you think that I would NOT be a doer of MY OWN WORD, I ASK?  I will do it.  Speak MY WORD and share MY HEART. It will not be oblivious to you when you come into My presence, still every other voice and quiet every other activity, and LISTEN.  You will hear. Then obey.  I will be all that I said I would be in the midst of you if you will only abandon your own thoughts and that of others and listen to My voice and follow ME.  I will make you a success, for there is NO failure with Me. You are not a success story on your own.  I will do it if you will believe and follow My voice and entrust your entire life and destiny to Me, says the Lord.

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