New Beginnings

The day of new beginnings is upon you, says the Lord. Look! I make all things new for you. Your past will not define you. Your past will not dictate to you. For I have made you new. I have healed your broken heart and fractured life. I have brought you out of the darkness, even the dense darkness that could be felt and given you the light of a brand new day. Old things have passed away. Do not look back! Do not even consider what was for I Am giving you joy for your mourning. I Am giving you success where there was failure. I Am giving you increase so that there is more than enough, says the LORD.

You have struggled, says the Lord. You have been weary in well-doing. You have carried many burdens and the weight of them has bogged you down. You have born the heat of the day and waited through many long dark nights. You have weathered many storms and shed many tears that have watered the grounds of your environs. I say, No more. The shift has taken place and a new season of harvest has begun. What you have faithfully labored for will not produce sorrow or shame. It will not be blighted and disappointing. You have labored and waited for the precious fruit, and you will reap what you have sown. The songs of the reaper will not echo through the land without your joining in, for the increase is upon you and this is a day of rejoicing. This is a day of increase, and this is only the beginning of the new, says the LORD.

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