Good Success

Good success comes from Me as you follow Me and obey My voice, says the Lord. I never lead you into darkness, but light. I will always bring you into a large place and enlarge you to fill it. My kingdom is vast and glorious and there is no end to its light and glory and power. There is no end to My peace and rest. There is no boundaries to My goodness and mercy. My grace is constant unimpeachable. Just believe! Believe that I exist. Believe that I Am Sovereign. Believe that I Am with you do great and mighty things for you and with you and through you and around you. Trust that I do all things well and this is My will for you. I desire to bless you. I desire to heal you. I desire to prosper you. I desire to strengthen and help you. I desire for you to have everything that I have fully purchased for you by M death on the cross, shed blood, resurrection and ascension. I reign and everything is subject onto Me, says the Lord.

Trust that I Am in control when everything seems to be spinning out of control, says the LORD. Believe that I Am bigger than life that I created. Trust that the earth belongs to Me who built and made it, and every person and thing in it. I Am aware. I have not relinquished My throne to another. I reside over all creation and nothing can conquer Me or My will. I Am fully able to sustain you and take care of everyone you commit to Me. I will meet your need and furnish a table before you in the presence of your enemies. They will be on the outside, pressing their noses up against the glass, longing to defeat you and possess your land, but they will not be able to take advantage of you or overrun you. I will cause their arrows to return to the sender and pierce them. Their weapons are defeated and inferior to Mine, and I Am your shield and exceeding, great reward, says the LORD.

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