I Will Order Your Steps

I will order your steps in Me, says the LORD. I will lead you and guide you with My eye. You do not have to be concerned about the pace, for I have your times and seasons in My control. Every step that you take is planned and has purpose to further you toward your destiny in Me. I will clear the path ahead of you, and provision you continually. For what I have assigned for you to do will not be difficult. I will prepare you for the place that I have purposed you to be. Nothing can be detained, for there is no barriers to Me and no walls. Nothing can keep Me back from doing My will in your life and bringing you to your next level, on time, says the LORD.

Do not fret the process, for even if your steps seem slow, it is in these times that I Am shaping you, downloading into you My wisdom and counsel and understanding so that you will be ready to step into the place of promotion that I have ordained for your life, says the LORD.  I Am with you always to give you good success. Think possibility rather than impossibility, for nothing is too hard for Me and I have no challenges. As you connect to Me, you will discover My easy yoke and light burden. I Am not putting burdens upon you, but willing to carry all of them for you as you entrust Me with your total care. Let Me do the steering as you simply follow. Enjoy the stroll with Me, for I will walk with you and give you My peace and joy as you unburden yourself in Me and enter into My rest that is for you as you cease from your own labor and let Me do the work, says the LORD.

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