I Will Bring You Out of Trouble

I will bring you out of trouble, says the LORD, even when you are troubled on every side. Though you cannot go forward, cannot turn back, cannot go to the left or the right, just stand still and see My salvation. I Am with you on every side. I AM your rear guard. I Am in front of you. I stand between the trouble to defend you and secure you always. I will fight your battles for you. I Am never threatened, never worried, never surprised by the enemy’s strategies and will never be defeated. I will fight for you and you will see the victory, says the LORD.

Do not despair for what the enemy is saying, says the LORD. He cannot out shout Me. His roar is small compared to Mine. I will even put My roar in you and you will shout down the enemy. Do not fear him or cower. I made you his fierce contender. Even as David of old prevailed against the lion and the bear, I have fully empowered you to do the same. Never fear. I have postured you to stand up, undefeated. The contest is already called in your favor, as I will cause you to be undefeated as you arise and war a good warfare in ME. I AM always with you and always a success. You will always triumph in Me, as you put on My armor and engage the enemy. He is no match for Me and no match for you, for I Am with you to insure the victory, says the LORD.

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