Revival Fires Will Fall, Spread and Be Unquehchable

Don’t be dismayed! Don’t be discouraged! Don’t give up, says the LORD. It is not a time to throw in the towel. Your faith does NOT have to be shipwrecked. Let it be powerful and productive! Do not convince yourself that you have failed, that I have failed, that others have failed and the outcome will be disastrous. Come out of that defeatist mentality and believe for the best, not the worst. Believe what I have spoken and am now speaking, and not what others are dictating. Here me now, says the Lord!

I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh as I have said I would in the latter days, says the LORD. I will glorify My church, and they will shine! They will be bright spots throughout the land and their light will not grow dim! I will pour out My Spirit and My fire. I will revive, refresh, restore, renew, and My glorious church WILL BE powerful! You will not be on the bottom, but the top, as an illuminate city that is set on a hill that cannot be hid. LIGHT will put out the darkness, victory will never be defeated, and I will save the lost, heal the sick, empower My church, and fulfill My GOOD work in them as I have spoken. They will be sanctified, holy onto Me, separated from the darkness and powerful. I will use them for MY GLORY and give them great sighs and wonders, miracles, healing and deliverance that will show forth MY MIGHTY WORKS in the land of the LIVING. LOOK up! Be ready, be willing and obedient, and be watchful, for My WORD will dominate, My power will be unleashed, and you will KNOW that MY WORD will not fall to the ground. I will accomplish what I have spoken, and REVIVAL FIRES will FALL, SPREAD and be unquenchable even as I HAVE DECREED, says the LORD.

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