Seek My Approval and Honor

Don’t seek the approval and honor that comes from others, but seek My approval and the honor that I will give you, says the LORD. For I will not only honor those who honor Me and My Word, and prove their loyalty to Me by doing it, but I will promote them! They will rise and not fall. They will be on top and not trampled under foot. They will be powerful and undefeated. I will exalt all those who humble themselves, surrender and submit to Me, and use them MIGHTILY for My glory, says the LORD.

Man’s words will fail and fall short of My glory, for they are not based on that with is eternal, says the LORD. Temporary elevation is not what I have authored. I want you to ascend into My glory, be filled with My Spirit that will bring you higher and higher, and further you in My kingdom. I will bring you into your full destiny purpose as you reject the applause of others and seek the applause of My heavenly host, as they are sent to not only observe you, but minister for you in these last days. You will become a pillar of strength as you are distinctly different than the crowd. You will be noticed as your identity will be linked to MINE. PLEASE Me, and watch Me further you and give you assignments that are reserved for the trusted servants that are willing to honor Me at all cost, and never compromise themselves for the approval of others, says the LORD.

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