Setting You Free

I Am setting you free from the things that have held you in bondage, said the LORD, for I do not want you to be in chains and shackles of darkness, despair, depression and defeat. I have come that you might have life that is abundant. I Am loosing you from the bonds that have held you captive and kept you from serving Me fully. You are NOT bound, but you are free. Do not hold yourself as a captive because the prison walls feel secure. Do not refuse to walk free because you do not want to face the unknown that is ahead. I didn’t give you a spirit of fear, but have given you My love and power and a sound mind. You are free to move out of the darkness and out of the despair and out of the depression and defeat of the evil one and walk in newness of life and My light, says the LORD.

Walk in Me, for I AM not bound, says the LORD. Nothing holds Me back. Suit up in Me! Put on My armor and know that My name us upon you, has given you a new identity in Me. I never fear and I never fail, therefore you are never to fear. You cannot fail. I have liberated you and given you everything that you need by My finished work on the cross and My shed blood for you. When I said it is finished, IT IS! Trust that I have completed the work for you and it is the enemy’s lies that have convinced you that you are not free. Walk in faith in Me, for this will bring you liberty from the illegitimate voices of the evil one who tells you that you are not complete in ME. I AM your liberator and I have not left you in the lion’s mouth, or the claws of the bear. You are free as you trust in all that I have accomplished for you, and live and move and have your being in ME, says the LORD.

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