Those Judging You Have Brought Judgment Upon Themselves

Those who are judging you have only brought judgment upon themselves, says the LORD. There is no condemnation for those who are in ME, and I mean NONE! I have purchased you with My own shed blood, and broken body. My death brought you life, because you have Made Me your trust as your Savior and Lord. No one has the right to dictate your destiny purpose in Me. I have that exclusive right and AM the AUTHORITY. I will do the leading. I will do the creating. I will do the building, the making, and I will do it without the suggestions of other false and inferior authorities. I Am your GOD, says the LORD.

Those who dishonor you are dishonoring Me, says the LORD. For I have made you a part of MY body, created you in MY image, and live in you. When they have harmed you, they have harmed Me. Be of GOOD cheer, for I will recompense all evil, for it is not just you that they attacked, but Me. I will repay. Don’t take it personally. I have! You are precious and priceless to Me, and the enemy is not your GOD. I Am, and what I say counts. What I do cannot be undone. I will restore you, and you will be healed, whole, intact, complete, and unscathed. Hold fast to My hand and trust that I Am on task, on time, on your side, have your back, undergird you, cover you, surround you, and you are completely sealed in Me and My infallible love, and it will be WELL with you, says the LORD.

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