Mighty Miracles


The time of refreshing has come, says the LORD. The time of revival is now. I Am pouring out My Spirit Now upon those who hunger and thirst for ME. They will be filled. They do not have to wait any longer. No more delays! I Am moving and I Am filling all who will come to Me with My Spirit. They have desired the fullness, and they will not be denied. I say YES to the hunger of your heart. I say YES to the thirst of your soul. I will pour into you My measureless power and glory as you press into My presence. This is your time! There is no limit to the anointing that I will release upon all who will seek Me with all of their hearts, says the LORD.

This is the time that I will put Myself on display in your midst, says the LORD. I will show forth My mighty acts that will be seen by many. My tangible presence will be felt. I will move in the realm of the supernatural.  I will heal the sick and release mighty miracles for all who will believe. I Am releasing signs and wonders that will glorify Me. My kingdom has come in the midst of you, and I will show forth the light of My glory that will cause many to be drawn to Me in this hour. For the latter shall be greater than the former, and I will do great and mighty things that you have cried out for Me to do, says the LORD.

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