Unusual Miracles

I will do unusual miracles and release special signs in the days ahead, for I Am putting Myself on display. There is nothing too hard for Me to do. I Am opening up NEW doors for many to go through that are far beyond what you have asked or ever dreamed of. I Am releasing NEW avenues of provision that you never even thought of, for unexpected blessings upon blessings are coming. My revival fires are falling and I will answer by fire. I will baptize with fire, says the LORD, and the fire will spread to the north, the south, the east and the west. For pockets of revival will begin in many places and the fire of My Spirit will not be able to be contained. I have heard My remnant cry out to Me for an outpouring of My Spirit and I Am answering. I have seen the desperation of your hearts and your earnest plea for a fresh and powerful anointing. I have heard your plea for MORE, and I WILL DO IT, says the LORD.

The days of anticipation will be over, for the cloud of My glory is moving and I will invade many places with My awesome presence and power, says the LORD. Those who have cried out to Me will not be disappointed. The days of deadness and dryness are over. The years of blight and drought are ended. No more failed harvests. I Am restoring the wasted years. I Am taking you out of the wilderness and aimless wanderings and bringing you into the new season of destiny where I will do the spectacular and move in power and great glory.  For those who have waited upon ME shall rejoice, for the harvest will be great and your joy will be full, says the LORD.

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