You Are Not Done

You are not done; it is not over and I AM not finished with you or what I have authored for you, says the LORD. I will be sanctified and glorified in you. My church will be glorious and powerful, not inept and mundane. I call for the spectacular and the unimaginable. I call for the fullness and the miraculous. I Am calling you to align yourself with the vision of My heart.  I will empower you with My SPIRIT.  I will show you things to come.   I will pour out My Spirit and My fire.  Revival will fill the land and your household will be saved.   Your sons and daughters will prophecy. The generations are Mine and your children are My heritage and you belong to ME! I will not lose the generations and I Am not finished with you, says the LORD.

I Am not discarding you from My called and chosen who will bring in the harvest, says the LORD. Do not look at your age and say that it is time to resign and let the youth finish what you have started. I AM going to blend and connect the generations for My glory and the flow and overflow of My Spirit. I will use the men and the women, the young and the old, the bond and the free, the rich and the poor, the lambs and the sheep. I will use you. Do not despair over the wasted years and the failed harvests that were blighted and disappointing, for I will cause the harvest to be great and you will be a part of those who rejoice with the reapers in My vineyard. I Am the Lord of the harvest. You will reap what you have sown and the harvest will be great, says the LORD.

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