Breakthrough Vision

While in prayer I had a waking vision. There were large boulders and rocks that formed what seemed to be a path. They were huge rocks, but smooth without any rough edges. There were rocks on the sides as well that were definitely not part of the path. Although it seemed to be a difficult path, it was NOT impassible. Ahead of it was an arch that was not perfectly crafted. On the other side of the  arch was a beautiful, bright light, but I could see blue skies with puffy white clouds. In the far distance I saw three persons that I could not recognize. It appeared that the arch was created by a blast of some short, through a high and thick stone wall, but the way was made, and it was bright and beautiful on the other side.

Though the way has seemed impossible for you, and there is a thick, high, stone wall in front of you, God is going to blast with his nostrils an entrance for you. It appears that the blast of the wall created the path to the entrance of the archway.  Supernatural breakthrough is coming, and you will no longer be trapped in the circumstances that have kept you bound. Although the road may seem rocky, it is smooth, and you will be able to cross over onto the other side, where it was blocked by the enemy. God will make a way for you where there was no known way, and you will have the breakthrough that you have been praying and waiting for, just ahead.

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