Do Not Stagger at My Promises

Do not stagger at My promises, but receive them by unwavering faith, says the Lord, . For it is your faith that pleases Me. What I have as a result of your unwavering faith and trust in Me and My Word will be satisfying and pleasing onto you. I have joy for you that is full and unspeakable in My presence. Do not receive what the enemy has for you. Refuse it. Reject it. Deny it and turn off the negative thoughts that he is feeding you with. I have the bread of life for you. I have joy for you for the journey. I have peace for you, not unrest. I have good things for you to enjoy! Turn away from that which is not wholesome and turn to Me with unwavering faith in My unimpeachable promises, and receive them. For they are bought and paid for by My shed blood and My finished work on the cross for you. It is finished and complete, and I cannot change My mind, My will or My work! My purposes remain, uncontested by the enemy that I have already defeated, says the Lord.

Look up and stand up, says the Lord. Arise and step up. For the steps that I have ordered for you are not flat, but always ascending in Me. Move forward in faith and confidence in Me as you are being led by Me. You are being fed by Me, and My table that is prepared for you in the presence of your enemies is full of blessings upon blessings that will furnish you unto every good work that I have prescribed for your life. Trust that I Am faithful to fulfill all that I have created in you, and you will fulfill what I have purposed for your life to the jot and title of what I have spoken, without fail, says the Lord.

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