By His Stripes we are Healed

I Am Your Healer

I Am your healer, says the LORD. I want you to be completely whole. It is what I fully purchased for you, and declared to be a finished work when I suffered the many stripes and died on the cross for you. There was nothing that you need that was left out. I died that you might have life that is not only eternal, but abundant life here in your earthly sojourn. There is no sickness or defeat in heaven, and I desire that there is none in your life on earth. As you pray, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done in me and on earth as it is in heaven,” and believe this, I will do it!  My kingdom will be released in righteousness, peace, joy and power in your life and those around you! This is My will that you would be in health and prosper all the time in all things as you put your faith and trust in Me, says the Lord.

I want My healing power to be in every part of your life, says the Lord. I declare healing and health to your body, mind and heart.  I place no premium on sorrow and suffering, grief and loss, and My abundant life in all things pertaining to you is rightly upon you as a fully entitled child of Mine. I Am the God that heals your finances, your family, your relationships, and your vision. Nothing is aborted, nothing forgotten, nothing untouched that pertains to you! I say to your fractured life, be healed and whole. I have cleansed you by My own shed blood, and I Am enthroned in your heart and life as your Savior, Healer and Lord! Trust that I Am your All in All, and receive My empowerment and full manifestation of healing power that I have for you, says the Lord.

This is Prophet June Sheltrown, Prophetic Light International. Please send your donations to 40403 Sunburst Drive, Dade City, Florida 33525, or use the donation button on our website, For International donations through pay pal, select “Goods and Services”. Thank you, and God bless you.

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