My Blessings Enrich You

My blessings enrich you, and I add no sorrow to them, says the Lord.  I long to bless you and lavish My love upon you and give you good things to enjoy.  There is no foreclosure signs on what I have given you.  I do not repossess anything for non-payment, for all My gifts are irrevocable.  I have given them freely.  It is My desire to bless you and for you to be a blessing to others.  It is the thief, the dark one, that comes to extract by force.  It is the evil one who is the destroyer.  I have come to destroy his works, and I have come to give you abundant life.  Do not confuse Me with the enemy.  He steals, kills and destroys. There is nothing good that he will ever offer and nothing good that he will do.  There is nothing bad that I will offer you and there is no evil in Me.  Do not attribute sickness, disease, disability, poverty, weakness and loss to Me, for I Am not the author of it.  I have come to bring abundant life, not death.  I have come to heal, not sicken.  I have come to repair, not destroy.  I have come to give, not to take away.  I have come to strengthen, not weaken you.  There is no darkness in Me at all.  My light extinguishes darkness, says the Lord.

Look at the blessings that you have, says the Lord.  Every good and perfect gift has come from Me.  My supply is never exhausted.  My grace for you is sufficient and abundant.  Change your perspective of Me.  Do not view Me as a God of wrath as some have taught you.  I Am a God of love.  I have not appointed wrath to any of My children.  You are My beloved.  I have purchased you as My own dear child with My own shed blood on the cross. Your trust in My finished work on the cross has entitled you to partake of all that I have prepared for you in My kingdom.  I have no favorites.  Your place of privilege in Me is secure.  Not one good thing will I withhold from you as you entrust Me with your life.  I have made you fat and full of My blessings, and daily load you with My benefits.  Trust in Me for your daily care, for even as the children of Israel of old found a fresh supply of daily manna and I took care of every one of their needs without fail, you too will find daily provision in Me as you place your trust and confidence in My unfailing love for you, says the Lord.

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