I Will Never Fail You

Hold onto my unfailing hand and walk with Me fearlessly and constantly, says the Lord.  You will know your destiny, for you will walk into it. It is straight ahead, without curves or back-tracking. It is not a maze that you will get lost in or confused. Just walk. It is not difficult, but I will enlighten each step of the way and hold you up and keep you sure-footed. I will remove the obstacles that are in the way, foil the enemy plans that are lurking and remove the pits and level things off for you. You need not fear, for I Am way ahead of you, preparing the way, as I prepare you, says the Lord.

I will honor your pursuit of Me and give you more as you continue to press into My presence where you will not only hear My voice but know My plan for you, says the Lord. I will give you the desires of your heart, answer your prayers and make possible those things that are not within your reach or ability to perfect or change. I Am in charge and no person, place or thing is beyond My control or reach. I Am God in the midst of you, and what is important to you is known by Me, in My control, in My plan and in My purpose to fulfill. Trust in Me and know that I Am able to save the lost, heal the sick and raise the dead. I will raise up the dead that do dead works, cause those that are asleep to awaken, and bring the prodigals home. I can, I want to and I will, says the Lord.

Look at me and do not look at what you can or cannot do, can or cannot change, can or cannot effect or can or cannot see, says the Lord. I see, I know, and I Am! I Am more than able, more than enough, and more than just your sufficiency in all things. I will heal you as you entrust your total self and those you love to Me, for there is nothing that I cannot or will not do for you as you faithfully pursue me, walk in unwavering faith, and keep your eyes on me and trust in Me at all times and watch and wait on Me. I will do it and I do all things well. I will do all things well for you. Walk with Me and walk without fear of falling and walk without fear of the unknown. I can and will perfect that which concerns you and bring My purposes to pass, says the Lord.

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