Stand to Your Feet

Stand to your feet and take the steps that I order for you, says the Lord. You have to take the first step before you can walk. You have to walk before you can run. For your destiny is a progressive journey with Me. It requires faith that is active and obedient. When you stand still and see, then you will recognize the path that I have created for you to follow. You will have My light that shines upon it. You will recognize My voice that is speaking to you, and instructing you to move forward as I declare, “This is the Way. Walk in it.” Rise up and walk, for I never said to sit still and wait. I said, “Stand still and see!” You don’t have to look all around to discover the way, for I Am the Way. You have pleaded for open doors. I Am the door. You don’t need doors. You can only enter into one at a time. Walk through Me, says the Lord.

I Am the open door for you, says the Lord. You have the keys to My kingdom, and you are not shut out. You are not a stranger or foreigner, but a fellow citizen with the saints. I have not excluded you. I had not led and fed some of My people who were in the wilderness, but provided manna for the entire congregation. I led them all by the cloud of My presence. All drank of the waters that I provided. All ate the manna that was more than enough. All witnessed My presence and all received My provision. Each followed Me. I have not changed. From generation to generation I Am God. I Am the ever-present One. I Am your Great Shepherd, and you are My sheep that I said will hear My voice and follow Me. I will lead you. I will feed you. I will provision you. I will not only make the way for you, but I Am the Way! Stand up and walk and take the step, one step that I order for you, and then the next one. You will walk into the fullness of your destiny that is before you as you arise and walk, and enter into it by faith in Me, says the Lord.

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