I Will Never Forsake You

I will never forsake you, says the Lord.. I will be with you in every time of trouble and bring you out of it. You will not be destroyed by the fiery trials that you are going through, but they will only bring you into a new level of strength in Me. You will not fail, for I Am holding you up. I will keep you from falling as you entrust yourself and everything that you are facing to Me. It is not too difficult for you, because I Am under girding you. I Am your help. I Am your strength. I Am the Almighty God in the midst of you! Be assured that the victory is yours, for I Am the undefeatable One and with Me you too will be undefeated, says the Lord.

You are alive and well, and have a purpose, says the Lord. Do not repeat after the evil one when he tries to tell you that nothing is well with you. I Am with you, and everything about Me is good. Reject his lies and stand for the truth of My Word. For your adversary is not your God. I Am. He cannot outwit Me, and I have given you My mind. Think My thoughts that are higher and ignore his threats. For he cannot carry them out. Your destiny is sealed in Me, Who has created you for My glory. You will overcome the evil one by the power of My Spirit that is in you. You will become a threat to him, and he will flee from you, screaming in terror, says the Lord.

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