You Will Be Established

You will be established in My Word and My Will and My Work, says the Lord, for the new season is now. Changes have already occurred. The shift has taken place. You have felt the jerking effects as you have had starts and stops in this process, but despite all of that, you have been propelled forward. It was not comfortable for you, but you have moved ahead. I will apply the oil of My Spirit to soothe you and smooth things out for you now as you sigh with relief that you have Made it past the humps and bumps, the near stalls and sudden burst of action that has not been comfortable or predictable, says the Lord.

You have entered into an open place with expansion and a new peripheral vision says the Lord. Enjoy the view. For the fog has lifted and you now see what you did not see before. Do not become intimidated, for the comfortable box that was once so secure does not contain you any more. You cannot fit into it, and I never did. What you now see is your new and expanded vision with a fresh perspective.  Yes, it is bigger than you! But you are enlarged in Me now, and Nothing is too difficult for Me. I have prepared you for such a time as this from the foundations of the earth and you will not be on the bench but on the vast field, doing great exploits for Me. The fear of the unknown is not for you. Be bold and brave, for I did not bring you into this new place for you to retreat, but to embrace with zeal what you have been called to do, empowered to conquer in Me, and to possess for My kingdom and glory, says the Lord.

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