I Am Liberating You

I Am liberating you from the things that have bound you from your past, says the Lord. This is a new day with a new and clean beginning. My blood has purged you from very mark and stain of sin,  and My finished work on the cross has given you a fresh, new start. Do not dwell on what was, and do not allow the things of your past to captivate your attention. I have made you a new creature in Me as you come into My presence and believe in Who I Am. Your past is forgiven and forgotten, and you are clean through the Word that I have spoken onto you, and Am now speaking. Shake off the former things and receive the new, for the past will not define you, deter you, or dictate to you if you will look onto Me, and Make Me your choice and your focus, says the Lord.

Trust that a new day with freshness has begun for you, and the old has passed away, says the Lord.  Walk in the liberty that I have given onto you. I have set you free. You are free indeed. Your full purpose is ahead of you, and I am standing in the door and decree over you, “This is the way. Walk in it.” Walk in the new day that is filled with My light and new hope and abiding peace. Let go of the past and press forward in Me, for the weights and burdens of those former things will fall off you, and you will not only walk free, but you will run and not grow weary. Are you ready to run, unencumbered? Take Me by the hand, and joy in My Spirit, and embrace this New day with joy and new vitality in Me, for behold, this day, I make all things new for you, says the Lord.

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