Don’t Forget the Benefits I Have Given You

Don’t forget the benefits that I have given you daily, says the Lord. Focus on them, and give Me credit for them. Be filled with praise and thanksgiving for all that I Am,  all that I have been, and all that I will be in your life.  Acknowledge Me as the source of every blessing that you have, for all good things come from Me. Do not blame Me for the evil workings of the enemy against you, for I Am not the giver of death, defeat, destruction, depression, or disease. The enemy is the thief and robber. I Am your healer and deliverer. I will not withhold My love from you, nor will I turn you over to the enemy. I will be with you in trouble to bring you out of it. I will give you good success, not empty hope, says the Lord.

Though you have been tried in the fire, I will rescue you from the furnace of affliction, even as I did the three Hebrew Children of old, says the Lord. They could not be destroyed by the flames, but the ones who threw them into the fire were destroyed. They could not be bound, but walked freely. I Am with you even in the fiery furnace to see that you will not be bound or burned or destroyed as they were not. Those who endeavored to publicly embarrass you and harass you and harm you and humiliate you and shame you will reap the very thing they did against you, but I will bring you up and out of that furnace, into a place of honor and promotion, says the Lord.

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