Fear and Failure

Fear and failure go hand in hand and neither are the prescription that I have for your life, says the Lord. I have given you the power of My Spirit to overcome any obstacle that gets in your way. I have even given you the power to remove mountains! My Word on your lips that comes from your heart of faith is a fiery sword that will conquer and cause you to prevail at all times. You are a mighty warrior that I have equipped to defeat the dark one,  and destroy his diabolical weapons and works. You need not fear him, but know that as you submit onto Me and resist him, he will run in terror from you, says the Lord.

Peace, joy, and power are what belong to you as a gift from Me, says the Lord. Your peace and joy are sustainable and enforceable through the power of My Spirit. For as the enemy endeavors to rob you of your peace and joy, you have My sword of My Spirit in your mouth to defeat him every time. Use it! I have not given you My armor and weapons for looks, but for use. As you engage in warfare, the outcome is always the same. Victory upon victory is what you will have, for defeat is not an option. I Am with you always to help you, and you will never have a battle that can overwhelm you as I Am your constant companion. I will fight for you and teach your hands to war, and you will be a mighty conqueror in Me always, says the Lord.

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