I Am Not Done

I Am not done, and neither are you, says the Lord. Not done! I Am in charge of your times and seasons, and I set the pace. I Am not finished with you yet, and you are not finished. Throw the timers of men away, for who said they are the authority to tell others to sit on the bench, head for the sower, or get off the field? It is not a game! I Am not playing a game, or conforming to the will of man, or allowing others to dictate to you. It is not for you to confine yourself to the rules and doctrines of devils. For there are wolves that would devour your vision, thieves that would steal your joy, and robbers that would tie you to a chair and spoil your destiny in Me. I will have none of this, says the Lord.

I have called you. I have chosen you. Hear Me, says the Lord. I did not tell you to sit still until you die. Get up and engage in the fight and head for the field. For you need not follow the dictates of man, but listen to the dictates of your heart. That is where I Am! Listen to My still, small voice within you, and silence the raging voices of false rulers of the darkness of the world. I did not call them to be your coach, your referee, or your commander. That is My position. Do not pay attention when they blow their whistles and tell you to retreat to the corner. That is not their position to order you to the corner, and keep you silent, and tell you it is done. I will give the orders, the commands, and position you. Listen to Me, for I control all the sands of time, know the way, and know you. You are not finished yet, and I will use you, even as I have spoken, and you will not be heartbroken, unfulfilled, or dejected. I have already proclaimed you to be the victor as you align with Me. You will be used for My glory, and I will give you grace, and furnish you for every good work that I have commissioned and assigned you to do, and there will be no incompletes or failures as you hear My voice, obey My voice, and follow Me, says the Lord.

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