I Will Elevate You

I will elevate you in My presence and My glory, says the Lord. Come up higher. For I want you to see the view in new heights of My glory. I want you to see the promised land of your blessing that you will possess. I want you to see the enemy as grass hoppers, and understand that I have made you a giant in Me. You will step on the necks of the enemy as a mighty conqueror in Me, and take a great spoil, as you conquer the land. For your victory is certain, and the enemy will not prevail. His taunting and mocking will come to a sudden halt, says the Lord.

Come and see what you could not see before and hear what I have to say, says the Lord. For I will laugh at the evil one and ruin his plots against you. I will reverse the reversals and turn things around for you. You too will laugh at the enemy as you see that he has no power or authority over you. He cannot carry out his threats, and none of his weapons can out power Mine that I have equipped you with. You are strong in Me, and the enemy is weak. I have anointed you with the oil of the over comer and given you the upper hand. Come up higher and see just how things really are as your eyes are open, and you behold the vastness of your personal promised land, says the Lord.

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