Mighty Army

I Am raising up a mighty army that will go forth and conquer and do great feats for My kingdom, says the Lord. They will not be normal, but abnormal. They will not be ordinary, but extraordinary. They cannot be manipulated or controlled. They will not be undisciplined. They will be fully equipped and empowered to violently oppose darkness and enforce My kingdom of light. For they will not be able to be bribed. They will not be bought. They will not change their minds, for they cannot be altered. They will not break rank or turn back when in the heat of the battle. They are solid. They are fierce. They are well trained. They are ready. They are bold and strong, and they will not be able to be defeated, says the Lord.

They have been tried in the fire, and they have endured the test of time, says the Lord. Even as I do not change, they will not be changed. My purpose will be their purpose. I Am their commander-in-chief, and they will eagerly obey My commands. They will not cower or be threatened by the enemy, but they will be fierce conquerors. My called out ones will be glorious as I cloak them with My armor and bathe them with the light of My glory. I will impute My Spirit in them and empower them, as I teach their hands to war, and they will do great exploits for Me and My kingdom, says the Lord.

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