Nothing Escapes My Attention

Nothing escapes My attention, and nothing takes Me by surprise, says the Lord. I Am aware of every person, place and thing. I know the thoughts and intents of every heart. I see every motivation for good and evil. I know about the plans and plots and traps set by the evil one. He is not getting away with anything and not able to hide from Me or deceive Me. I have seen it, heard it, and know it. You can depend upon Me to lead you safely forward, as you entrust all of your steps to Me. For I know the way that you take. I have purposed it, planned it, and ordered each step of the way for every one of My righteous ones, says the Lord.

I will foil the plans of the enemy and give you eyes to see and ears to hear and a heart to understand as I give you My wisdom and counsel, and share My vision with you, says the Lord. You too will see the plots and avoid the snares as the enemy tries to conceal his weapons against you. He will utterly fail as you have a new level of discernment that I give you. I will show you what is real and what is pretense, and you will know the good from the evil, the false and fake from the sincere in heart, and the ones that I have chosen and empowered with My Spirit who have My Word in their mouth from the babbling mouths of false prophets that I Am not speaking through. I will show you right from wrong and give you clarity so that you will not walk in confusion. For I Am not the author of confusion. When you do not know or see, then wait on Me. I will reveal what you need to know on time, and you will see clearly, as I open you to receive new revelations and order your secure and safe steps in Me by My Spirit, says the Lord.

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