I Am Setting the Standards

I Am setting the standards, says the Lord. I have marked you and placed My name upon you. I have sealed you with My Spirit, making you My own, and Am shielding and protecting you by My Spirit. I give no access to the evil one and his cohorts. Cooperate with Me. For when I said give no access to the devil, I meant it. As I give him no permission to invade you, touch you or encroach your territory, I want you to do the same. I have staked out your territory in Me. Will you come into agreement with Me? For what you consent to will become your experience, whether good or evil, says the Lord.

Do not allow the enemy any space or place in you or your life, says the Lord. Block out the illegitimate and negative voices that are vying for your attention and distracting you and endeavoring to invade you. Let your focus be on Me! I have set the boundaries to protect you. Agree not only in word, but deed. For you are a ready warrior that I have equipped and empowered mightily by My spiritual, infallible armor and weapons. You are not a target, so rid yourself of that mentality. You are not to be a vulnerable victim of circumstances. You are not to be on the defensive by merely fighting to keep the enemy out, but to be on the offensive, and push him back. You will have increased territories and possess the land as you push back the enemy and take on new territory for My kingdom and glory, for I will give you the land that the souls of your feet tread upon as you do so in unwavering, determined faith in Me, and boldly possess your possessions, says the Lord.

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