Stop Looking at Numbers

Stop looking at numbers, says the Lord. You do not have to calculate your success by what you can count or what you see, or what others can see. Stop looking at the forms and formulas of man that makes comparisons as they chart the ups and downs, levels and predictions. That is not a scale that I want you to use. Observations of the flesh do not see what I see. They cannot know the motivation of the heart. They cannot comprehend the plans that I have. They cannot predict or forecast your future. They do not know you, and they do not have the keys to your destiny, says the Lord.

Your future is in My hands that created you, says the Lord. I have the keys to your destiny that will unlock the doors that I have prepared for you. I will give them into your hand, one at a time. Take them from My hands and walk. They are not the skeleton keys where one fits all. I have designed them for you and only those will unlock the doors that I set before you. No man can open and close them, and no man can shut you out or hold you back. I will be the judge of your success, and I will measure your accomplishments accurately. Stop wondering about who, what, how, when, and where! Do not wonder about what others are saying or doing. For you are unique, and the keys of your destiny will unlock the doors set before you, and your success in your kingdom destiny is not only sealed, but assured, says the Lord.

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