Wait on Me

Wait on Me, says the Lord. For as you do, you are not spinning your wheels or on a treadmill that is going nowhere fast. Wait on Me in a restful position as you cease from your endless thoughts and trust in My higher thoughts. As you silence your own thoughts and the thoughts of others, you will be able to hear My still, small voice within that will give you direction. I will not scream or shout, but speak softly to you. Be still and listen. Be quiet long enough to hear. For I Am speaking. I Am directing. I Am ordering your steps. I Am in control of everyone and everything, and nothing is out of My sight. I will give you peace and rest as you quiet down, settle down, and wait on Me in My presence, says the Lord.

I have not ignored you, and your cry has not reached deaf ears, says the Lord. I have heard. I Am fully aware of your needs. I understand your feelings, and I will not forget you. Your life is not on hold as I attend to others. I know the way you take, and I will not forsake you or abandon you, bypass you or overlook you. Silence your thoughts and be still and know that you are in My constant thoughts and plans. Nothing is delayed and nothing is lost. All that I have given to you belongs to you, and you belong to Me. Trust in Me at all times and wait on Me. For everything that I have promised you will be fully implemented and fulfilled in you and for you and around you. For I Am at task, on time, and you do not need to fret or fume. Trust in Me, and wait for Me to do what I promised, and you will have peace while you quietly wait on Me to perform My promises concerning you, says the Lord.

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