Walls and Strongholds

Tear down those walls and strongholds of the enemy that are keeping you back, says the Lord. Bulldoze them over by the power of My Spirit. Let the blast of My Spirit that is in you be like dynamite that blows them apart, and let the wind of My Spirit clear the debris so that you can walk straight forward into your possessions in the promised land in Me. Silence the illegitimate voices that have become a wall of negativity and unnecessary caution to you. Are you a warrior or not? Choose! Choose to either cower and listen to the ten spies or choose to hear My voice. Let your faith and trust in Me speak loud and clear as the two spies who believed in My promise. Be as they were. Be as Joshua and Caleb who were willing to believe. Choose to be a giant slayer, for I have fully equipped you to defeat the enemy, drive him out of the land, possess it for My kingdom, and eat of the milk and honey from a rock, says the Lord.

I did not say that you are to be careless, but I have called you to be care-free in Me. Let faith arise in your heart and sour as an eagle! Cast away your fear, for I have given you faith! Fear is not an option! You have prayed for direction. I did not answer with confusion. You have prayed for blessings. I did not send problems. You have prayed for success. I did not answer you with defeat. You have prayed for fullness. I did not answer by giving you drought. You have asked Me for life. I did not send death. You have desired light. I Am not releasing darkness to you. You have asked Me for My will to be done in you as it is in heaven, and all of hell and the enemy’s destructive weapons cannot keep you back from My perfect will. I will give you the desires of your heart, and bring you into your personal promised land where you will possess the good of the Land. Arise and face the walls and obstacles and giants and iron chariots with fierce and stubborn faith and trust in Me, and watch the walls come down, the chariots topple over onto the enemy, their horses stumble, the giants destroyed, and the enemy flee from you, My ready warrior. Defeat is not an option either, as I have fully empowered you to possess the land, says the Lord. Get ready! Get set! Go!

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