I Will Pour out My Blessings

I will pour out My blessings upon you, says the Lord, for your faith in Me and your faithfulness pleases Me. I have taken notice of you, and you have My attention. My word is faithfulness. That is My commandment for you. All of heaven will back My command as I pour out uncontainable and unimpeachable blessings upon those who honor My Name and fulfill the desires of My heart. For as you have run after Me and obeyed My voice, I will give you the desires of your heart. You will not be without the things that you have asked Me for as you have fulfilled the things I have asked you for.  As you have sought My will and kingdom and righteousness, all things will be given onto you without fail, says the Lord.

I Am your shield and exceeding, great reward, says the Lord. I will reward your work. I will reward your prayers and answer them. I will reward you openly who have labored in the secret place of intercession. Your work is not in vain, for I have recorded every word, bottled every tear, and everything that you have done for Me even in secret shall be rewarded openly and honorably, for you are honorable to Me. You have honored My great name. You have honored My word. You have pursued that which is important to Me, and what you desire will be granted. I have held out My scepter and received you, to grant you the desires of your heart, and you will greatly rejoice in that which I speedily do for you, because you have run hard after Me, says the Lord.

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