I Will Reward Your Faithfulness to Me

You have been faithful to Me, says the Lord. I Am pleased with your labors of love. I have kept track of your sacrifices and recorded every deed to reward you. What you have done in secret has not escaped My attention. I see it. I know it, and I will honor you openly. My eyes are observing you constantly, and nothing gets by Me or past Me. You will never be forgotten, and your deeds of kindness have come up before Me as a memorial, says the Lord.

As you have been a blessing to Me, I will bless you, says the Lord. For as you have supported the weak, as you have given to the poor, as you have lifted up the oppressed, and helped the least, you have done it unto Me. As you have remembered Me, I will remember you. As you have honored My great name, I will make your name great! As you have not forgotten Me, I will not forget you. For you will have My approval, and you will have My promotion. You will have My presence that goes before you, and you will have My power. I will double My blessings upon you as you have endured hardness as a good soldier in My army. Your obedience and surrender to My will and My Word and My work will be noticed and blessed, and you will know My great favor that rests upon you continually, because you have remained faithful to Me, says the Lord.

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