Forget the Past

Silence your disappointments that are vying for your attention, forget about the past, and move forward, says the Lord. The past is the past, and that is not your destination. Do not wallow in the mire of your failures, your setbacks, and your efforts that seemed unproductive. Don’t waste your time and energy on the things that you could have done differently to get a different result. Forgive others and yourself and press forward. For the things that the enemy meant for evil to set you back are only a set-up, says the Lord.

You have been set up for promotion, says the Lord. Don’t lament the past that will only be a point of turnaround for you. Destiny is never backtracking, but a forward march. The promised land is not the place of bondage that I delivered you out of or the wilderness that you are passing through, but ahead. Even in your wilderness, you were not without provision, and you were never alone. My presence was always with you, and I Am with you now. Pull up the tent pegs and follow the cloud of My presence, because you are not on your way to somewhere, but on the road to your miracle, to your personal promised land, and to the place that I have prepared for you that will be more than you could ever imagine, says the Lord.

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