Revival Fires Will Fall

Revival fires will fall, says the Lord. I will revive in the north, the south, the east and the west, and no one will be left behind that is seeking My face. For I will not rain in just one corner of the World, but I will pour out My Spirit and My fire in many places for those who are longing for Me to be in their midst to revive and restore. Your prayers have been heard. I have not forgotten you. It pleases Me that you have forsaken the comfortable things and pursued My kingdom. It pleases Me that you have longed for Me and abandoned yourself to Me. I have heard the cry of your heart. I have seen your tears. I know the desire you have. You have longed for revival, and I will send it, says the Lord.

I will pour out My Spirit in you, says the Lord. I will fill you to capacity and overflowing, as you press into My presence. My Spirit will be poured out into you, and I will fill you with My holy fire. I will make you a spectacle and you will not be an observer. I have much more for you to accomplish, and you will be anointed with fresh oil and fire. I will cause the wind of My Spirit to blow, and you will be propelled forward into the places that I designed, prepared, and provisioned for your destiny purpose, says the Lord.

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