I Have Sent My Angelic Reinforcements

I will under gird you, overshadow you, surround you and indwell you, says the LORD. Why are you troubled within? You cannot lose and the enemy cannot win. I will give you ultimate victory, and you will be undefeated as you place your confidence in Me. I will stand, faithfully by your side, to hold you up and keep you

Help is on the Way

Help is on the way, says the LORD. I have dispatched My angel reinforcements and I Have restocked My supply lines, and I will give you clarity of connections. I have fortified My remnant warriors and secured and provisioned them. You are not alone, abandoned, out-numbered, or able to be defeated, as I strengthen you, help you, and empower you,

Daily Devotional: Ministering Angels

Thank you, Lord for commissioning your angels to watch over us, to guard, protect and minister to us, so that we are safe from all harm. As we face the challenges that lie before us, we trust in your help, and know that you will be with our loved ones as well, wherever they are and whatever situations they face,

Life Changing Promises!

My promises to you are live changing, says the LORD.   I will stretch out My hands to you and give you multiple blessings that you could not even imagine.  For they will astound you. They will challenge you to a new level of greatness in Me.  They will lift you into new heights of My glory and you will excel