Help is on the way, says the LORD. I have dispatched My angel reinforcements and I Have restocked My supply lines, and I will give you clarity of connections. I have fortified My remnant warriors and secured and provisioned them. You are not alone, abandoned, out-numbered, or able to be defeated, as I strengthen you, help you, and empower you, says the LORD.

Every battle is Mine, and I will never lose one of them, says the LORD. NEVER MEANS NEVER, and nothing takes Me by surprise. I have everything you need. I have superior weapons of warfare, and you will be empowered and provisioned and equipped and fully enabled to win every battle and every war. You need not sacrifice one for the other, for as you entrust your destiny purpose to Me, I will fulfill it. I will fulfill you. You will possess your personal land of promise, and no walls, giants, iron chariots, or weapons formed against you will succeed or will keep you back, because of your trust in Me, says the LORD of Hosts.

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