Beauty for Ashes

We thank you Lord that you give us beauty in exchange for ashes. When things seem destroyed beyond recognition, invaluable and wasted, you bring life and vitality. You give us the oil of joy in exchange for mourning. We forfeit that spirit of depression for praise. Thank you for giving us joy for the journey, …

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Lord, we thank you for your unchanging power, grace, mercy, loving kindness, and presence in our lives. Our situations continually change. Others change, but you remain the same. You are consistent in WHO you are and what you do. We can depend upon you, trust you and know that all is well, because we are …

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Bread of Life

Lord, as we come to you today, we thank you for giving us life. You keep us safe, as we partake of your infallible Word that gives us strength, health. Life, and perpetual peace. We trust you with our total care and are blessed by your love and presence in our lives, day and night. …

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Lord, we thank you that you are for us and NOT against us. Nothing that comes against us is bigger than you, and there is no power that can overpower you. We are safe, secure, helped and blessed now and forever, because of your constant love and care and presence in our lives as our …

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Lord, we thank you that your mercy for us is higher than the heavens above, because we reverence and honor your holy name. Your love is unimpeachable, your grace amazing and your help constant. Because of your presence in our loves, we have peace, knowing that you are in charge of everything that pertains to …

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