Changes and Challenges

You will always face changes and challenges in your life, says the LORD. Don’t fret about any of them. For I Am aware and on spot to help you with every uncertainty and every new assignment that you have. Don’t hang onto the wilted flowers and moldy food, but receive a fresh bouquet that is given to you and eat

Daily Devotional: Casting Our Care on the LORD

We thank you, Lord, that we can cast all our care upon you, knowing that you will take complete care of us and all those we love. It is comforting to know that we do not have to carry the load. You will, as we entrust you with everything that concerns us. Your resources are inexhaustible, your grace sufficient, and

Daily Devotional: Courage and Hope

We thank you Lord, that because we put our trust in you, we can face this new day with all its uncertainties and challenges with courage. We will not cower nor run from our responsibilities when the seen and unseen enemy bares his teeth and roars at us. For our hope is in the Lord, who will strengthen, defend, deliver,

New Challenges Head-on

You can meet new challenges head-on, says the Lord. Don’t run from them and do not cower in the corner. For I have made you to be a mighty conqueror. Be bold and strong. For your strength is in Me. My roar in you is greater than the roar of the evil one, and you will out-shout the enemy. Fear