Recognize Your Enemy

Recognize your enemy and identify his diabolical works and know that he is the source of all pain, sickness, grief and loss, says the LORD. He is the one who brings disease. His works are never good, and he is the author of confusion.  He is a liar, and cannot speak the truth.  KNOW your friend! Understand that I Am

The Enemy

God is my protector

I will cancel the diabolical assignments of the enemy that is against you, says the LORD. For He will not be able to carry them out. I will trip him up, and he will fall into his own traps that he has set for you. I will expose him, as he has devised to make you a public embarrassment as

I Have Not Burdened You

I have not burdened you, says the LORD. I did not cause you to be heavy laden with the cares of this life. I did not send you troubles and I did not overwhelm you. The enemy is the destroyer. The enemy is the tempter. The enemy is the afflicter, not Me. He is the one who has opposed you