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I Will Cancel the Diabolical Assignments Against You

I will cancel the diabolical assignments of the enemy that are against you, says the Lord. For He will not be able to carry them out. I will trip him up, and he will fall into his own traps that he has set for you. I will expose him, as he has devised to make you a public embarrassment as he plans to openly defeat you. I will shut the lion’s mouth and destroy his diabolical works with My sword of My Spirit that proceeds out of My mouth. For his plans and purposes will come to naught, and he will know that I Am with you and on your side, and there is no access to you. I Am your shield. I Am your defense and protection. I will fight for you, and the enemy that desires to destroy you will be tormented and defeated, says the Lord.

Look up to Me, says the Lord.  Do not look at the enemy, but look beyond Him. You will know that your redemption is at hand. You will know that you are not vulnerable to the works of the evil one, and your life is hid in Me. I Am your place of safety in all times, and I will keep you night and day. The enemy is not in control. I Am. You belong to Me, and I take care of all of My children all of the time. I Am your rear guard. I go before you to keep the path well lit and clear it from the snares of the enemy. I know his evil plots, and no weapon he forms against you will work. You are not open for attack, but open to Me. I Am faithful and true, on time and on task. Trust in Me to keep you in perfect peace, as you focus your attention on Me and My works, rather than the enemy. For My peace is your portion forever from Me, Who is your everlasting strength and peace, says the Lord.

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