Turn Your Eyes upon Me

Turn your eyes upon Me, and away from the difficulties that you are facing, says the LORD. Pay attention to Me and let your mind be renewed by My WORD. For you will go in the direction that your attention takes you. Let My mind be in you. Think My higher thoughts and go My higher ways. For what I

Open Your Eyes

Open your eyes to see what I want you to see, says the LORD. Open your ears to hear My voice. I Am speaking. Silence the voices around you. Do not pay attention to the difficult circumstances that are screaming and vying for your attention. They are only distracting you from My still, small voice. Quiet yourself. Lose your own

Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Me

Today I Am guiding you with My eye says the Lord.  I know where you are, what you need and how you feel.  Oh, do not become overwhelmed by the external forces that are endeavoring to control you!  Keep your eyes fixed on Me, says the Lord, for I Am watching over you. The enemy will do anything he can