Keep Your Eyes Fixed on Me

I Am guiding you with My eye, says the Lord.  I know where you are, what you need and how you feel.  Do not become overwhelmed by the external forces that are endeavoring to control you!  Keep your eyes fixed on Me, for I Am watching over you.  The enemy will do anything he can to divert your attention away from Me.  He can’t touch you!  Don’t pay him any mind.  He will weary himself in his futile efforts when you refuse to give heed to his dark ways, says the LORD

You have cried out to Me for greater wisdom, knowledge and understanding, says the Lord.   I have already granted it on the inside of you.  My Spirit within you is giving you moment by moment direction. Listen.  Go deep. My voice is within you.  Quiet yourself within My presence and wait for Me to speak.  You will hear My voice if you become still.  I Am your counselor, and I have unlimited resources.  Just trust My inner voice within you as I lead you gently along the path that I have prepared for you and enlightened every step you are to take, says the Lord.

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