I AM the WAY!

It does not matter what comes your way; I Am the Way, says the LORD. I will never change with times and seasons and circumstances. You never have to wonder and worry about what I am going to do, for it is already written. You do not have to worry about being off guard when I AM ON GUARD. I

Daily Devotional: Ministering Angels

Thank you, Lord for commissioning your angels to watch over us, to guard, protect and minister to us, so that we are safe from all harm. As we face the challenges that lie before us, we trust in your help, and know that you will be with our loved ones as well, wherever they are and whatever situations they face,

Don’t Worry or Fret About Anything Known or Unknown

There are some things that you do not need to know, says the LORD. Trust that My knowledge and understanding are infinite, and I have everything that concerns you in My hands and care at all times. You need not worry or fret about the known and the unknown. Trust is trust, and you can depend upon ME. I know

No One Will Harm You

No one can harm you, says the LORD. I Am your rear guard. I Am your shield. I Am your defense. There is no power greater than Mine, and I have your back. I will guard you night and day. You can be sure that I Am your place of safety, and I will hide you in My Holy hand.

Protect, Guard, Defend

Concentrate on Me, says the LORD. Do not get distracted about what the enemy is up to, what he is saying and what he is planning to do. For He is not in charge of your life and destiny. I Am. Let your focus be on Me, rather than what you can do or what others have done or what

I Am Your Rear Guard

I have your back, says the LORD. I Am your rear guard. The enemy cannot sneak up behind you and take you by surprise, for I am there to defend you and protect you from any surprise attacks. He has no access to you, for I AM your shield. I will keep you safe, and your security is in Me.