Daily Devotional: Delight in the LORD

Lord, I delight in you and your presence and power in My life and thank you that you will grant Me the desires of my heart.  As I make you the LORD of My life, I thank you for preparing the way before me, preparing me for every good work that I am to do and giving me daily blessings

Daily Devotional: God is For US

We thank you, Lord, that you are for us. It does not matter who or what comes against us, you are on our side, faithfully protecting us, defending us, securing us, keeping us so that no threat can touch us, because we belong to you. We entrust you with our total care, and thank you for your presence, power, protection

Daily Devotional: Ministering Angels

Thank you, Lord for commissioning your angels to watch over us, to guard, protect and minister to us, so that we are safe from all harm. As we face the challenges that lie before us, we trust in your help, and know that you will be with our loved ones as well, wherever they are and whatever situations they face,

Safe and Secure in My Hands

No one can pluck you out of My hands, says the LORD. You are completely safe and secure. My own hands shield you from the blast of the enemy. You are completely covered by them. You have NOTHING to fear. Trust in My love for you. Trust in My protective care. Trust that I know everything that you need, I

Daily Devotional: Enriched

We thank you, Lord , for giving us blessings that will never have attached sorrow. You enrich us with help, good health, peace, protection and give us only good things. We are thankful that you do not bring us sorrow, but gladness, for you are our loving Heavenly Father, Savior and LORD, who watches over us continually, and keeps us

Daily Devotional: Quietness and Confidence

Lord, we thank you that we can be quietly confident in your care and protection of us as we place our trust in you. You are bigger than the storms that we face that are without and within. Thank you for being with us and giving the reassurance that all is well, because you of your constant presence and loving

I Do All Things Well

I do all thing well, says the LORD. Everything that I do for you is perfectly well, on time and I Am always on task. I cannot make any mistakes, so be assured that you are always in My care, and I Am aware of you and every need that you have. I hear your prayers. I know the cry

Daily Devotional: Protective Standard Against Enemy Attacks

We thank you Lord, that when the enemy opens the flood gates against us to attack with sickness, disease, and death, you will always lift up a powerful standard against him; an impenetrable, protective wall around us. No matter how fierce and forceful the threat, you are the GREATER ONE that we rely on to keep us safe and secure,

Daily Devotional: Abundant Life

Lord, we thank you that your purpose and plan in our lives and those we love, is to give us abundant life. You are more powerful than the enemy that desires to destroy lives through sickness and disease. Thank you for giving us the promise and provision of abundant life as we trust you for your protective care and perpetual

Daily Devotional: Mercy, Salvation, Provision

We thank you Lord for your mercy and rejoice because of your salvation. We trust that you are with us to save us in our times of uncertainties and difficulties we face. Thank you for giving us more than we need, more than we have asked you for, and protecting us from the things that we know and all that