Palm of my hand

I Have You In the Palm of My Hands

I have you in the palm of My hands, says the Lord. You are exactly where I have positioned you to be. You are not lost, detained, or fettered. For I have set you free to serve Me, and you have been faithful to Me. I Am pleased with you. I Am pleased with how you have honored Me and obeyed My voice. You are unforgettable. I Am leading you and guiding you continually, and you are never out of My sight or My earshot. I hear even the inexpressible and hidden things within your heart, and will not ignore you or what you need and desire. As you long for Me, I will also add to you not only what you desire, but what is in excess of that. I Am full of surprises for you! I love to lavish My love on you and give you what you didn’t even think of or ask Me for. Get ready for the hidden treasures that I Am going to unveil for you that I have held in reserve for you. For you have My attention. I cannot keep My eyes off you. I cannot turn My ears away from you. I love to hear the sound of your voice as you come into My presence, and I love to hear your footsteps. Your worship is music to My ears, says the Lord.

Don’t fret over the times that I have  authored, says the Lord. There is a purpose for everything that is happening, and as you trust in Me, you will have peace, regardless of what comes your way.  You will know that nothing happens without My consent, and as I have been with you in the good times and difficult times in the past, I Am with you now.  I will always be there with you to supply your need. Trust that what you need is not requiring authorization or approval, but has already been granted. You will not have to cry out to Me for what I have already planned and purposed and prepared for you. It is already there for you before you even knew any need, and you will embrace what I have granted in My time as you focus on Me and wait for Me to open the door and open My treasure house to you and reveal what will wow you and astound you. I will amaze you and thrill you with the suddenness of My blessings upon blessings that I will grant you, and you will be glad that you not only waited on Me, but entrusted your total care to Me. For you will not be disappointed or be lacking in anything, You will be overjoyed for what I have prepared for you. Wait on Me in cheerfulness and expectation, for I Am never too late, and My blessings will enrich and over take you, and you will rejoice, says the Lord.

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