Daily Devotional: Prosperity and Honor

Thank you, Lord, that you will prosper us and honor us as we love you and serve you. You will fill us with treasures, reveal hidden treasures to us, and pour out blessings upon us. You love justice and judgment, and as we walk with you, we are walking in your righteousness, and you will bless us in every facet

Daily Devotional: Justice

Thank you, Lord, that although sometimes it appears that the wicked prevail, it is not so. You cannot be mocked. You will bring judgment and justice, and never fail in your righteousness. You will be gracious onto us, and bless us and our households, because we have made you the Lord of our lives, reverence your Holy Name, trust in

Daily Devotional: Make God Your Priority and Pursuit

Thank you, Lord, that when I make you the priority of My life, and seek you and your kingdom and righteous first, before any other thought or thing, you will give me everything that I need. I do not have to beg for your provision and blessings, but you will shower them down upon Me. You add these unspeakable gifts

Daily Devotional: Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness

gerI thank you, Lord, that although I feel may empty and hungry and thirsty for your Kingdom, your power, and your glory, and your righteousness, to fill me and possess me, I know that as I seek you and your righteousness, that is exactly what I will find, and that is what I will receive. You will permeate Me with

Daily Devotional: You Will Restore Me

Thank you, Lord, for restoring My soul, as I entrust My constant care to you. You are My God that delivers me, heals me, and restores Me, and I am blessed. I can trust you to lead me in the right way, so that my steps that I take are not only pleasing to you, but ordained by you, and

Be Strong in the LORD

Don’t view yourself as weak, but see yourself as strong in Me, says the LORD. I Am not weak, and your life is embedded in Me! Don’t entertain the thoughts of giving up and compromising with the enemy, for there is no middle ground or position of agreement. Light cannot align with darkness, and victory cannot have a thread of

Daily Devotional: Righteousness, Peace and Joy

Lord, we thank you that we are granted much more from you than provisions of daily food and drink, but you have given us your righteousness, peace, and joy in your Holy Spirit, that is enduring, eternal, powerful, unimpeachable. You are always our caregiver, meeting every need that we have, and giving us things that are far more satisfying and

Daily Devotional: Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification, Redemption

Thank you, Lord, that because you live within our hearts by our faith in you, we have your wisdom, your righteousness, your sanctification and your redemption. We give you all the glory for these gifts of your grace, and entrust our lives to you, no matter what we face. You are with us, in us, surround us, and we will

Your Weakness Will Become Strength

I will set your face like flint, says the LORD. I will make you a sharp instrument in My hands with teeth. You will not become prey to the enemy, but they will become prey to you. As you have been sought out for destruction and cursed by the enemy, I will make the enemy a curse I will cause

Daily Devotional: Deliverance

We thank you, Lord, for giving us your righteousness, because of our faith in you as our Savior and Lord. We love righteousness and hate evil, and are grateful that you deliver us from the wicked devices of the evil one who makes it his business to steal, kill, and destroy. You foil his diabolical plots against us as you