A Great Calm Will Follow Every Storm You Face

Sudden storms will not destroy you, says the LORD. Though they arise from nowhere, they will also go as quickly as they come. You need not fear the unknown, but trust in what you DO KNOW! Know that I Am faithful and true, changeless, dependable, and your GOD! I have never failed you, and I cannot fail you, regardless of

Daily Devotional: Confidence in GOD

Thank you, Lord, that we do not have to fear anything. When we have sudden, unexpected storms in life, we will overcome, for you are with us always, to keep us safe. Our enemies will not overtake us, for you are shielding us, helping us, securing us, and we can count on your faithful care at all times, as we

Daily Devotional: Peace

Thank you, Lord, for giving me peace in my present storm that surpasses my own understanding. I lean upon your infinite understanding, your meticulous care of Me, and trust that you will calm the storms that rage against me, quiet my fears, and give me ultimate please in my mind and heart, because I trust in you. Amen.

Be Quiet and Rest in My Presence

Be quiet and rest in My presence, says the LORD. For I Am in the midst of you. I Am in the midst of the storms that you are in and I will be present in the sudden storms that you did not even anticipate. I have it. I have you. I Am your place of security at all times,

Daily Devotional: Storms Calmed

Thank you, Lord, for calming the raging storms that are without and within, as I trust in you in the middle of the on slot of even unexpected circumstances. You will still the winds of adversity and bring me into my desired haven, as I entrust My care to you. You are My place of safety, and the storms will

Cling to Me

Don’t clench your fits in anger as you face new and difficult challenges, and don’t cringe, but cling to ME, says the LORD. I have you, and nothing can harm you or overwhelm you as you entrust your total care to Me and refuse to fear. Violently contend for the faith! I will be your defense. I will be that

Believe My Word

What I say is exactly what I will do, says the LORD. Believe in My Word and walk in it. As you do, you will be on the road to your miracle. Don’t even look around at the impossibilities. The winds of adversity are not ordained by Me, but I will move you by the Winds of MY SPIRIT as

Daily Devotional: Anchored

Thank you, Lord, that no matter what storms we face in life, you are there as a sure and secure and firm anchor. We will not be tossed by the winds of adversity, nor will the fierce and threatening waves jar us. Our hope is fixed in you, and we are secure, because we entrust our lives to you. Amen

Abiding Peace

perfect peace

I Am your peace and your portion, says the LORD. Let the peace that I have given you bring you into a confident resting place in Me. For you can have My peace in the middle of any storm that comes up suddenly and ferociously. Unexpected difficulties cannot rob you of Me, nor the peace I give you, if you

Nothing Takes Me By Surprise

  Nothing takes me by surprise, says the LORD. I know the end from the beginning and everything between. You can see a little ahead as you anticipate the future, but I KNOW everything in advance. I see clearly every pitfall that the enemy has planned for you, and know the very things he is devising in secret, for nothing